Lawn Care

Drew’s Lawn and Landscape, L.L.C. weekly mowing program will give each and every lawn a crisp, clean look.  Each visit will consist of mowing the lawn, edging driveways and sidewalks, and blowing clippings off all paved surfaces and landscape beds. Our striping designs are not only attractive, setting your yard apart from other lawns, but also make for a healthier lawn.

We believe that sharp mower blades make the difference. A sharp blade makes a clean cut leaving less tissue exposed, reducing water loss stress and disease concerns. A dull blade not only causes significant health concerns for your lawn, but can also cause discoloration. There are several different types of grass in Nashville. The height varies between varieties and below are some helpful hints:

Mowing Height Variance

Mowing heights vary for different types of turf. See below for your turf type and mowing height.

  • Fescue 3 – 4 inches – for fescue, the taller the better!
  • Bermuda 1.5 – 2 inches
  • Zoysia 1.5 – 2 inches