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Irrigation Repairs and System Maintenance

Drew’s not only installs lawn irrigation systems, but we also provide irrigation repairs and system maintenance. Once an irrigation system is installed it can be set for a specific schedule and capacity to accommodate lawns of any shape or size, thus taking the human error out of lawn watering. All types of grass and plants have different and specific care guidelines and moisture requirements.

Professional Irrigation Installation in Nashville

At Drew’s Lawn and Landscaping, our professional staff is thoroughly trained in irrigation installation for homes and businesses and we promise not to cut corners. We pay careful attention to all elements of your property so that your irrigation system is customized to the individual needs of each section.

We take extra care to protect your existing lawn during installation and respect your expectations of the sprinkler installation process. Our staff is available and responsive to your needs and provides prompt and courteous service.

A professionally installed irrigation system/sprinkler system can take the guesswork and margin of error out of a complex process. You can have peace of mind that your investment in landscape design and installation is protected.

Irrigation systems are also money savers over time, reducing water usage by honing in on the exact amount of water needed and where. This targeted method of watering means there’s much less waste and you know that each landscaping element is getting the exact right amount, every time.

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