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Tree and Shrub Healthcare

Whether you’re trying to proactively protect your landscaping or trying to revive trees or shrubs that have been damaged, tree and shrub care is a huge part of keeping your property green and healthy.

Drew’s Lawn & Landscape’s tree and shrub healthcare program uses integrated pest management, which minimizes the use of pesticides by treating certain plant material at the proper time to ensure year-round protection.


Our trained horticultural specialists will identify active pests and apply products to only those plants that have damaging thresholds or are susceptible to pest issues at that time of year. These services can protect your trees and shrubs from:

  • Japanese beetles

  • Aphids

  • Bagworms

  • Scale

  • Sooty mold

  • Powdery mildew

  • Shothole fungus

Tree Injections and Tree Fertilization in Nashville

Tree injections from the Nashville ash tree injection specialists at Drew’s Lawn & Landscaping will save your tree from the Emerald Ash Borer! The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive pest that will kill any untreated ash trees.


It’s Not Too Late to Save Your Ash Tree!

For less than the cost of your monthly cable and internet bill you could save your ash tree! Call us at 615-308-0821 or click on the button below to request a quote.

How to Identify an Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer is a metallic green beetle that bores into ash trees feeding on tissues beneath the bark, ultimately killing the tree. It is not native to the United States and was first found in the U.S. near Detroit, Michigan in 2002.


A) The larvae live under the bark of the tree, feeding on the vascular cambium.

B) The larval-feeding leaves ‘galleria’ under the bark, interrupt nutrient flow to the canopy and eventually kill the tree.

C) The adult is a small, metallic green beetle only 10-15 mm in length. The adults typically emerge around June, leaving D-shaped exit holes in the bark. The adults feed briefly in the tree canopy before reproducing and laying eggs in the twigs and branches.

D) The larvae will start feeding in the branches at the top of the tree and work their way down. The first symptom in an infested tree is dieback in the tree canopy.


Symptoms of Emerald Ash Borers

  • Dieback in tree canopy

  • New sprouts forming from the tree’s base

  • “D” shaped exit holes

  • Woodpecker damage

How to Identify an Ash Tree

Not sure if your tree is an ash tree? See below and also compare to the image provided on this page to identify if your tree is an ash tree.


E) Young Ash Tree – bark is relatively smooth

F) Mature Ash Tree – deep ridges form as the ash tree ages

G) Ash leaves typically have 4-9 leaflets per leaf, arranged directly opposite of each other.


Saving Your Trees Saves You Money!

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) outbreak has homeowners wondering what to do with their trees. Do I remove and replace, treat, or ignore the problem altogether? If you remove the tree or ignore that problem, you end up with the same result…NO TREES! If you treat the problem; you end up with a healthy tree that will be on your property and increase your home’s value for years to come. Plus, the cost to remove and replace will typically be 5-10 times higher than the cost of one injection that is good for 2 years!

Why We Use the Arborjet Tree Injection Method?

For more than 15 years Arborjet has led the way in trunk injection technology by delivering the most effective formulas and cutting-edge equipment.

  • Unlike spraying or soil drenching which put chemicals in the air and ground, Arborjet’s injection puts all the product inside the tree during application.

  • This service can be done around pools and patios and can also be completed while your kids and pets are playing in the yard!

  • University studies have proven up to 2 years of 100% Emerald Ash Borer control, unlike any other method when adjusted to control.

  • No other method has proven results against EAB as we do!

Additional Injection Services

Drew’s Lawn & Landscape also provides a variety of injection services that are not related to ash trees. Here is a list of additional injection services we provide.

  • Aphid treatments for hackberry trees with nearly 100% control in a single treatment

  • Fertility treatments for chlorosis (nutrient-deficient and lime-colored trees)

  • Disease management for things such as anthracnose on dogwoods, fire blight, and Dutch Elm disease


It’s Not Too Late to Save Your Ash Tree(s)!

For less than the cost of your monthly cable and internet bill, you could save your ash tree! Call us at 615-891-4181

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