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Four Things to Consider before Building a Custom Paver Patio

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

So, you’ve decided you want to have a custom paver patio. But have you thought about these four important questions?

1. How big should the custom paver patio be?

This question is tied to how you will use the patio. Obviously, an intimate space will be smaller than an area used for entertaining large groups. This question is also tied to what furniture and accessories you want to put on the patio. For example, a minimum patio size that allows for walking room around a standard 48″ round table and chairs is 12 to 14-foot square.

2. What’s buried underground at the patio site?

Will the patio cover any underground utilities, septic lines, sewer pipes, etc.? By covering any of these things, you might inadvertently be violating a municipal or county code. It’s best to check on this as well as setback and easement requirements.

3. Do you have to submit a plan to your HOA?

Your HOA may have specific rules about the size you can have, the materials you can use, and the placement of a patio. Many HOA’s, especially in planned communities, may require a homeowner to submit a design for approval.

4. Do you have a realistic idea of what a custom paver patio will cost?

A custom paver patio is one of the most expensive improvements you can make to your landscaping. Don’t be tempted to use a cut-rate contractor or a friend who has worked for a patio company. You don’t want to be calling us a year or two down the road when the patio completely falls apart.

Let Drew’s Lawn and Landscape Install Your New Patio

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