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Landscape Lighting in Brentwood TN

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

As soon as the sun goes down, shadows get longer, focal points in your yard change, and spaces seem more intimate. In the evening, you discover opportunities to highlight parts of your landscape that may not see in the daytime. With the help of Drews Lawn & Landscape, you can have the landscape lighting Brentwood TN homeowners are proud to own. You can have the ultimate outdoor living and entertaining space.

Types of Landscape Lighting Brentwood TN Homes Employ

The homes in Brentwood TN use landscape lighting that is functional and dramatic. Lighting fixtures vary widely in style and price, and many styles work well as functional lights as well as dramatic lights. For example, a simple spotlight can provide light for a path. But when aimed at a fountain or sculpture in the landscape, it can throw a dramatic shadow.

Functional Lighting

Landscape Lighting Brentwood TN

Functional landscape lighting provides light for a specific purpose. It includes task lighting and way-finding.

A task light is usually bright and focused on a specific area where you need to do some activity after it gets dark. For example, you might need a task lighting focused on your barbeque grill.

Lighting for way-finding illuminates a path that you travel. Examples of way-finding lights include path lights, step lights, and post lights at gates or fences.

Dramatic Lighting

Dramatic landscape lighting creates a mood or accents a feature of the landscape. Mood lighting might include something like fairy lights suspended from trees. Accent lighting can highlight landscape features such as:

  1. Trees

  2. Sculptures or statues

  3. Water features

  4. Waterfalls

  5. Architectural features of the home

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Drews Lawn & Landscape is the landscape lighting company Nashville homeowners choose for their outdoor spaces. So, if you’re in the Nashville area, Drews Lawn & Landscape is the right lighting company for quality and service.


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