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Tips for Planning a New Custom Hardscaping Project

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Mild winters in Middle Tennessee make us feel like Spring is closer than it really is. You still have time to start planning a new custom hardscaping project. This blog gives you some important tips to help you get things going.

Planning a new custom hardscaping project

Start Planning Now

First, begin by mapping out your space and your ideas for the project. Also, take some photos of the space. Be sure to include photos of the space that include your home. This allows you to document your home’s color palette so you can choose harmonizing colors for the hardscaping.

Next, go shopping. You’ll be surprised at how your ideas expand when you actually see all the materials available. While you’re shopping, try to make a ball park estimate of what your materials might cost by making note of prices. Your price list will help you plan your budget in more detail later.

Choose a Professional Landscaper Early in the Process

There are lots of decisions to make and materials to order before you break ground. Don’t wait until you think you have every detail nailed down before you start talking to a professional. That can be a mistake that might delay your project. You are going to want a professional’s advice.

Also, it’s best to get into a landscaper’s schedule early before it fills up in the Spring. At Drews Lawn and Landscape, we can tell you that from experience! So, if you are looking for awesome Nashville custom hardscapes, give us a call today at 615-891-4181 and get a quote for your Spring project.

Planning a New Custom Hardscaping Project Budget

Installing hardscaping can be a significant investment. But unlike other landscaping elements, hardscapes should last for years, even decades. Looking at the cost of the hardscape averaged over its lifetime helps you decide how much you might want to spend initially. It puts the cost in perspective.


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